Thousands of Londoners have passed on over three quarter of a million garments they no longer wear to TRAID. In six-months, Londoners have: –

  • Passed on 221 tonnes of wearable clothes
  • Put 774,365 garments back into use, over three quarters of a million items
  • A carbon saving of 2,100 tonnes
  • A water saving of 353,600,000 litres
  • It would take a tap running non-stop for 67 years to use this amount of water
  • 23 percent launch results infographic

    Research from TRAID found that almost a quarter (23%) of Londoners’ clothes are unworn, equivalent to 123 million items. Shockingly, the study also found that nearly a quarter (22%) of Londoners’ throw clothes in the bin after a clear out, rather than passing them on.This is unsustainable and TRAID’s 23% campaign called on Londoners to extend the life of clothes by passing on items they no longer wear or need.

    Andrea Speranza, Head of Campaigns at TRAID commented:
    “The vast numbers of clothes hanging unworn in London’s wardrobes is staggering. The environment is buckling under the strain of producing, consuming and disposing of cheap fast fashion. With global consumption projected to rise by 63% by 2030 from 62 million tonnes today to 102 million tonnes, it’s critical we end the linear fast fashion model of take, make, dispose, repeat.

    “To address this, we called on Londoners to put the clothes they no longer wear back into use. Thousands took part passing on an incredible 774,365 items of clothes so far. This simple but powerful action shows the hugely positive impacts we can have on the environment when we stop over-consuming clothes.”

    Mary Creagh MP and Chair of Parliaments Environment Audit Committee said:
    “The way we design, make and discard clothes has a huge impact on the environment. TRAID’s 23% campaign calls on Londoners to put 123 million items of unworn clothes back into use. Initiatives like this one help everyone recycle their clothes – and to understand why it matters – as well as supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 12.”