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Dress making tapes in our TRAIDremade studio
Dress making tapes in our TRAIDremade studio ©Rita Platts

TRAID lectures and runs seminars to promote sustainability in the fashion industry raising awareness of the environmental and social costs of our clothes. We work with BA and MA students studying fashion – from design to brand marketing – to inspire them to integrate sustainability into their work. We work with lecturers, tutors and course leaders to engage students in ways that resonate with their course and further develop and challenge their critical thinking.

Is a sustainable fashion industry possible?

In this lecture, we will explore the environmental and social impacts of textile waste, consumption and diminishing resources. TRAID draws on our own work to reuse textiles – including our ethical fashion label TRAIDremade – as a starting point to consider sustainability in the fashion industry. Students will learn more about where our clothes made and the conditions they are made in using stories from TRAID funded projects to clean up the fashion industry. Students will see the possibilities and challenges of working with textile waste, and how creative use of existing resources can create a desirable fashion brand.

Fashion Futures Seminar

New fashion businesses and enterprises need to plan for a future of climate change and environmental stress if they are to succeed. Using research by Forum for the Future and Levis Strauss, students will strategically plan a sustainable fashion forward enterprise. Students work in groups and present back their ideas at the end of the session.

Stitched Together Seminar

If we are to have an ethical fashion industry we need to encourage ethics. Students will look at the environmental and social problems in the textile supply and production chain, and put themselves in the position of the garment workers that make our clothes. TRAID will engage students using photography, film and case studies from our projects in developing countries to clean up the textile industry. Students will recognise the exploitation endemic in the garment industry and consider how the industry, and their own wardrobes, can become sustainable and ethical.

Who is Responsible? Seminar

Who is responsible in the textile supply and production chain? Students investigate the ethical and moral dilemmas posed by fast fashion and high levels of consumption. Using the Ethical Trading Initiative and its Base Code, we work with student to consider which stakeholders are most responsible for honouring these codes.

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