23% of Londoner’s clothes are unworn. That’s unsustainable. But we are starting to fix it.

By passing on these clothes to TRAID for someone else to use, you can help to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal Number 12 – to ensure sustainable consumption and production and spark positive change for our planet and its citizens.

Keeping clothes in use for longer is an immediate practical step you can take to reduce the negative environmental impacts of our clothes, while supporting more sustainable production.

Thousands of Londoners have passed on over three quarters of a million garments to TRAID since the 23% campaign launched 6 months ago. That’s a water saving of 353,600,000 litres of water and 2,100 tonnes of CO2e. Take the action here.

Quote section

"The way we design, make and discard clothes has a huge impact on the environment. TRAID’s 23% campaign calls on Londoners to put 123 million items of unworn clothes back into use. Initiatives like this one help everyone recycle their clothes – and to understand why it matters – as well as supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 12." – Mary Creagh, MP and Chair of Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee

Get inspired to take the 23% campaign action

Since the 23% Campaign launched,* 221 tonnes of clothes passed on to TRAID - that’s 774,365 items!


A tap running non-stop for 67 years uses 353,600,000 litres, the water footprint of these clothes


Using 68,153 litres of petrol in your car is equivalent to 2,100 tonnes of CO₂e, the carbon footprint of these clothes


*September 2018 – February 2019