Apply for Funding 2017

TRAID funded project providing care and education for children of garment workers in Bangladesh ©RainbowCollective / Nagorik Uddyog

In 2017, TRAID will have £280,000 available to fund international development projects improving conditions in the textile industry. Please read the Funding Guidelines carefully before applying to better understand our criteria and priorities.

Applications can be made for project funding or for the funding of ‘unpopular’ costs such as UK salaries*, research, pilot projects, extensive baseline studies or any other aspect of work that you are finding difficult to finance and which inhibits the efficacy or impact of your work.

*For example, for a director post which is under-funded, where s/he manages directly or indirectly a textile-related project

In 2017 TRAID is particularly interested in funding:

The first stage of the application process is to submit a Concept Note by 10am 3rd March 2017. Before completing, please read the 2017 Funding Guidelines carefully, even if you have made previous applications to TRAID. It is also available to download as a Word doc.

If you are successful at this stage you may be invited to meet the Head of International Programmes to discuss your proposal further. All shortlisted applicants will then need to submit a full application. Please note we will only accept Concept Notes from UK based organisations which are applying on behalf of their in-country partners. Exceptions will be made for in-country organisations with which we have had a previous funding relationship through a UK partner. All applications must relate to the textile industry.

If you have further questions, or want to discuss your Concept Note before submitting, please feel free to contact Angela Russ, TRAID’s Head of International Programmes by email or on 020 8733 2584. She is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.