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Current projects

Every time someone donates clothes to Traid, we stop items from going to landfill or incineration whilst also raising funds supporting global projects improving the fashion industry – from fields to factories to schools. Take a look at our current projects we've committed to fund.

Supporting the children of waste pickers

Funding: £24,703
Year / duration: 2023/ 1 year
Partner: Grambangla
In 2023, TRAID has committed £24,703 to fund a new project in Matuail, Dhaka, Bangladesh in partnership with the NGO Grambangla. This project will provide education scholarships for 60 vulnerable girls to learn sewing and tailoring skills to build a life away from working as waste pickers on landfill sites.  On the landfill sites of Matuail, Dhaka, Bangladesh, the role…
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Growing Benin’s organic cotton sector

Funding: £169,112
Year / duration: 2023 / 18 months
Partner: OBEPAB and PAN UK
Since 2009, TRAID has funded the work of OBEPAB and PAN UK to establish the organic cotton sector in Benin, West Africa. In 2023, we have committed £169,112 of funding to this project to improve incomes, health and soil quality for thousands of organic cotton farmers in Benin by building capacity, strengthening supply chain linkages, and showcasing Benin’s high quality…
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Chemical free crops in southern Ethiopia

Funding: £38,464
Year / duration: 2023 / 1 year
Partner: PAN Ethiopia and PAN UK
Since 2018 TRAID has supported PAN Ethiopia and PAN UK’s highly innovative work to expand tried and tested pesticide reduction models. This project is the adapted work from the highly successful pesticide reduction models used with cotton growers in Ziway, Ethiopia.   In 2023, TRAID has committed £38,464 of funding towards this project to support small holding Ethiopian vegetable growers…
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