TRAID manages a network of over 1,500 clothes donation banks around the country where you can drop off your unwanted clothes. We also offer free home collections.

From production to disposal, our clothes have significant and harmful environmental and social costs. In the UK, over 1 million tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill or incinerated every year resulting in increased waste and carbon emissions.

For TRAID, the problem of clothes waste goes beyond UK landfill into the fields, factories, homes and mills where our clothes are made. Embedded in every piece of wasted clothing are huge quantities of scarce natural resources like water, oil and land. At the same time, garment manufacturing takes place in very poor countries where labour is cheap and unregulated, and human rights abuses are commonplace.

Every aspect of TRAID’s work aims to minimise, improve and transform the impacts of clothes – from stopping clothes being thrown away, to extending the life of clothes in our charity shops and our ethical fashion label TRAIDremade, to delivering sustainable education, to the international development projects we fund.

TRAID’s circular and pioneering model of clothes reuse goes beyond the logistics of collecting unwanted clothes by reusing resources we already have, creating a sustainable alternative to the high street in our shops while challenging and improving working practices in the clothes industry.